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  • Willebroek
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  • Local government
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  • Visual Identity Design
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A renewed sense of pride.

With a growing population and a changing economic climate, the city of Willebroek needed to balance the various aspects of life, infrastructure and policies into a new and future proof story that bridged the gap between a socially inspired heritage and an economically viable future.

Our brand idea

Rebranding a city is not just about creating a logo. It’s about looking forward to tomorrow and re-establishing a sense of pride. For the town of Willebroek, we took all the good things the town has to offer, and simply signed their name to it.

That’s Willebroek!

An impressive social infrastructure. A diverse community. A thriving economic activity. A city center in full innovation. And lots of beautiful nature right by the waterside… What was often forgotten or taken for granted, now became the people’s own again. Proud of who we are and of what we do… That’s Willebroek!

“Being from Willebroek myself, the intensive we did on the city’s brand with Marrow was an almost emotional experience. It was inspiring to experience how Marrow’s way of working managed to involve our own internal stakeholders in an enthusing co-creation process.”

Dirk Blommaert, general manager

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