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  • Pimento (Chirojeugd Vlaanderen)
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Inspiration and energy

Today’s young people are tomorrow’s pillars of society. Professional educators and youth workers have the important task of helping them grow up to be composed and responsible adults. But how do you make the complex matter of holistic youth education accessible to a broader audience? By packing it into an expert brand that bursts with inspiration and energy. This is exactly what we did for Pimento, part of Chirojeugd Vlaanderen. 

Jong & Van Zin became Pimento 

Chirojeugd Vlaanderen is the biggest youth movement in Flanders. For one of their daughter organizations, we guided a rebranding process with ample room for the commitment and input of their own team. The aim was to make the complex matter of youth education accessible to a broader spectrum of potential clients without over-commercializing. An exercise that resulted in an entirely new brand, including a new name and tagline. 

Creating an impact

The new Pimento brand brings a serious message with a young and playful attitude. It is socially inspired, philanthropic by nature, and built on ample expertise. But most of all, it bursts with inspiration and energy to bring a new dynamic into the entire organization. 

Telling the story

Pragmatically using the available means, we set up the Pimento team with the basic tools they needed to get their renewed story out there. Our creative teams worked closely with Pimento employees to give the new brand a look and a voice that has the power to create a ‘commercial’ impact, but still feels comfortable for non-profit minded people to work with. 

Connecting to the audience

For Pimento to effectively connect to their professional audiences in the broad field of youth care and education, we focused on digital communication tools. A new mobile friendly website clearly positions the brand and its offering, and features a searchable online catalogue of workshops, products and publications,. A built-in news feed, customer testimonials, contact forms and lead generation tools are a continuous invitation for visitors to interact with the brand. 

Making it work

From web content and social media to packaging design and digital as well as printed publications, we helped the Pimento team to quickly become self-reliant when it comes to working with the new brand. A comprehensive styleguide is only one of the tools that enables Pimento to make the most of their internal creative resources before having to outsource. 

“The Marrow team really went all the way to grasp the value driven purpose of our non-profit organization. They managed to translate our story into a more professional and commercial branding, with respect for our mission and values.”

Freek Onzia, director Pimento vzw

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