We turn brands into relationships

and business performance into sustainable growth

Our ‘essential branding’ approach goes right to the marrow of your brand: we create clarity
about what it stands for, consensus about how it should evolve and understanding of what
it means to customers. Deploying diverse and multiple skills on an as-needed basis, Marrow
can address all of the essential elements needed to overcome today’s business challenges
by (re-)establishing brand relevance with all your stakeholders.

Our approach is based on a three-step process that has proven its
added value for local and international brands over the past 25 years.


We help you gain a renewed insight into the value of your brand and translate it into a clear positioning. The result is a future proof brand strategy that will enable your business to successfully rise to the market challenges it has to face. 


We translate your business strategy into a clear brand identity and a compelling brand story. In this stage we lay the creative foundations for meaningful brand communication towards all of your audiences and stakeholders.


Based on the strategic and creative outlines we defined together, we deliver an implementation plan that will help you, your team and/or your agencies to give your brand’s value proposition a maximal relevance and impact in the market.

Orientation Services
Brand DNA consultancy
Brand value proposition
Brand strategy
Brand architecture
Brand extensions
Creation services
Visual identity
Content creation
Graphic design
Implementation Services
Communication plan
Marketing consultancy
Digital brand development
Project management
Employer branding

Are you ready to look at
the marrow of your brand?