All on board

With a growing population and a changing economic climate, the city of Willebroek needed to balance the various aspects of life, infrastructure and policies into a new and future proof story that bridged the gap between a socially inspired heritage and an economically viable future. This is why creating a new identity for Willebroek meant much more than designing a logo. It was the start of a renewed sense of pride about the town and all it has to offer. 

A renewed sense of pride

What mattered most for Willebroek, was to find a way for everyone to collectively be proud of ‘their’ Willebroek again. Whether you work there, live there or visit the town, everyone should feel that Willebroek has a lot to offer.

A thriving economic activity. Four fine village centers each with their own charm. A typical sense of humor. A city center in full innovation. An international water sports course. A lot of nature and especially a lot of water. And very soon… a renewed and genuine sense of pride of all of the above.

From story to identity

The basis of Willebroek’s new brand identity is the idea that from now on we put our name under all that we achieve. We say what we do and we do what we say. That’s Willebroek.


Is it a double letter ‘W’? Does it represent the bridge of Willebroek, or the water of our channel? Is it a symbol of diversity? Whatever you want to see in our new logo, it is allowed. Because Willebroek cannot be put in one box. What the logo certainly wants to be is fresh and compact. Timeless, creative and full of energy. A little different, just like ourselves.


That is the form. A form that always goes hand in hand with a short and powerful textual statement: ‘Da’s Willebroek’. This way we put our stamp on everything that lives in our municipality. We are proud of what we have, and we also exude that. Of course, everything can always be better, but exactly that is what we work together every day. Moving forward together as one community and one organization … That’s Willebroek!

“Being from Willebroek myself, the intensive we did on the city’s brand with Marrow was an almost emotional experience. It was inspiring to experience how Marrow’s way of working managed to involve our own internal stakeholders in an enthusing co-creation process.”

Dirk Blommaert,
head of auxiliary services