TOMRA Sorting Solutions

As a global leader in sorting solutions for the food, recycling and mining industries, TOMRA takes its commitment to driving these industries forward seriously. This why the company aims to take the lead in a new kind of transformation that is about to revolutionalize the sorting business: digital, data and knowledge driven.

We helped TOMRA build a story around TOMRA Insight, a new platform that makes digital data part of the sorting output.

Digitalization gives TOMRA the opportunity to connect with people and processes across industries and establish a reinforced sense of thought leadership. In the end, elevating any business with regards to end product quality, sustainability and profitability comes down to achieving ever increasing levels of operational excellence. And as always, information is key to improvement. The more producers know in every step of their value chain, the better they can deliver an optimal product. By turning sorters into data delivery machines, TOMRA can now provide more information, more knowledge and thus, more opportunities to improve performance.