INVE Aquaculture

care for growth

How to turn fragile life into solid growth

How can a global leader in aquaculture evolve from an academic spin-off to a broader relevance in the market? We traveled from Ecuador to the Mekong Delta and back to fully understand INVE Aquaculture’s business. This allowed us to turn our client’s complex biotech offering into a global storytelling concept built on the simple, yet powerful idea of helping seafood producers around the world to face their main challenge: to turn fragile life into solid growth. 

Community building

Working closely together with ambitious aquaculture entrepreneurs worldwide, INVE is a privileged witness to many successes, innovations, and breakthroughs with regards to products, techniques, species, and developments that help to improve breeding results. The new storytelling approach enables people from R&D over sales to technical support to connect in a more relevant way to the global aquaculture community, sharing insights and experiences that benefit the industry as a whole.

Thought leadership

Driven by its renewed brand purpose, INVE Aquaculture has more than ever evolved from being a true pioneer in aquaculture to being globally recognized as a thought and innovation leader in an industry that will play a crucial role in the future of global food production.

“Over the past 30 years we have done strategic exercises with external agencies before. The collaboration with Marrow was the first time we actually saw a new strategy come to life throughout our global organization.”

Philippe Léger, CEO