Heylen Ceramics

treasures of the earth

We brought 3 generations of a family-owned company together around their fascination for ceramic building materials and aligned their aspirations for the future in an updated brand story that brought a new dynamic to the business.

The new story of Heylen Ceramics revolves around the ‘Treasures of the earth’: the best of what the European ceramics market has to offer, bundled in a comprehensive portfolio made available to Belgian architects and their clientele.

The result is a revitalized drive for the business and an inspiring brand that firmly resounds with individual clients, traders, and architects by transcending product-oriented rhetoric. 

“The Marrow team helped us see our own business in an entirely new light. Their approach not only rekindled our enthusiasm, but gave us a whole new strategy to connect to our most important target audiences.”

Matthias Pittoors,
3rd generation Heylen